Drying clothes quickly and cheaply with a wood-burning stove

Wood-burning stoves have many advantages beyond their main purpose, and one of those advantages is that they can really speed up your laundry.

In the UK, for much of the year it can be difficult to get clothes dry outside. Our rainy climate means washing can often come in wetter than when it was hung on the line for much of the autumn, winter and spring.

It’s particularly tricky for households where the occupants are out at work during the day. Do you dare to gamble on the basis of the weather forecast before you leave the house in the morning?

The alternative is to become over-reliant on a tumble dryer. Convenient, yes, but also expensive, not exactly environmentally friendly and sometimes not particularly kind to your clothes.

A wood-burning stove can help to alleviate all of those problems.

Drying clothes with a woodburner

Wood-burning stove owners can use the heat generated from their woodburner to dry their clothes quickly and cheaply. With the stove already in use to heat the room, you don’t have to spend any more on fuel. That compares very nicely to the cost of running a tumble dryer regularly.

The heat generated by a woodburner is more efficient than an open fire and, although you don’t get the intense heat that comes when you’re directly in front of an open fire, more heat is pumped around the room. The fire heats that metal body of the stove, and the stove sends warmth to every corner of your room. That makes for optimum indoor drying conditions.

And because a woodburner creates such great heat, you don’t have to worry about your clothes staying damp and starting to smell a bit. Your stove will get the moisture out quickly.

The stove will continue to give off heat for a good while after the flames have gone out, so your clothes will continue to dry. That’s preferable to having to leave the central heating on longer than you really need to.

Drying your clothes with a wood-burning stove could be as simple as positioning your usual clothes horse in the same room as your woodburner. Since the heat from a efficiently stove raises the temperature in the room, you don’t have to block the heat source like you might with a radiator.

Some stove owners even choose to incorporate a decorative or antique drying rack into their room to hang washing upon. Drying clothes suddenly becomes easy with all of the equipment needed being literally part of the furniture!

Whatever approach you choose, drying clothes with a woodburner can save you money and time.

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