Why buy a woodburner in summer?

Why buy a woodburner in summer?

The temperatures are up, the skies are (sometimes) blue and the central heating is switched off: why buy a woodburner in summer?

There are quite a few reasons why the summer months are the perfect time to buy your new wood-burning stove, and we will detail some of them in this article.

Why buy a woodburner in summer? Installation is quick, easier and possibly cheaper

The moment the leaves start to turn autumnal colours and the first hint of a chill fills the air, any decent woodburner installer will be booked up for weeks in advance. If you want a quicker, smoother installation, get the same installer in the summer when his diary is relatively free. There is more likely to be more for negotiation on his quote when he is batting away enquiries, which he will be come September.

Why buy a woodburner in summer? Chimney sweeps are available

Following on from the point above, if you are installing your new woodburner into an existing fireplace you will want to get the chimney swept before installation. Much like installers, decent chimney sweeps will be fully booked come autumn. Call them in the summer and they will be available at the drop of chimney sweep’s top hat.

Why buy a woodburner in summer? It will save your carpets

Autumn and winter bring rain, mushed up leaves, muddy puddles. While good installers and sweeps will take care not to leave a mess in your home, your carpets will be far safer if they are coming and going in summer, when it is more likely to be dry underfoot.

Why buy a woodburner in summer? You’ll be thankful when winter arrives

It is human nature that most people wait until the temperatures drop and then start to pine for a stove. If you can avoid that temptation and show some foresight, you will be grateful. When the cold weather hits, it is far nice to be able to light the stove you’ve already got installed than have to start planning the installation at that stage.

Why buy a woodburner in summer? Your stove might be cheaper

We’ve mentioned it in relation to installers and sweeps, and there is no escaping the fact that wood-burning stove retailers are also much quieter in the summer months. For you, the customer, that increases the likelihood of being able to snap up a bargain if we have stoves to move on before the new burning season starts.

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