5 reasons to make the Mazona Oxford 5 kW Multi-Fuel Stove your new woodburner

Mazona Oxford multi fuel stove woodburner

The Mazona Oxford 5 kW Multi-Fuel Stove is one of our newest arrivals and it really is a fantastic woodburner.

In this article, we will spell out exactly why that is the case with 5 reasons for you to buy the Mazona Oxford.

1. Stylish contemporary design

Affordable woodburners usually tend towards the more traditional when it comes to their appearance. That might be because adopting a conservative look represents less of a gamble, or it might be because stove designers who are working to a budget cannot afford to reinvent the wheel. But the Mazona Oxford proves there is not reason why good, modern design cannot be accomplished at a reasonable price.

2. A reasonable price

We’ve already tipped our hand a bit, but the Mazona Oxford’s price tag is another very good reason to buy it. It’s not the cheapest woodburner on the the market, but it isn’t far off. When you throw that contemporary design into the equation, it adds up to an excellent deal.

3. Quality steel body

Those sleek modern lines we’ve discussed are achieved through the use of a high quality and sturdy steel construction. Steel is a bit easier to work with than cast iron when it comes to building stoves that are a bit different than the norm. In the case of the Mazona Oxford, that is used to great effect to deliver interesting curved lines. Look at those legs, for example. It is also worth mentioning that the steel body is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

4. Glorious views

The Mazona Oxford is designed to give you the best possible views of the flames dancing around inside the firebox. After all, that’s what you really want from your woodburner, isn’t it? The generous viewing window – featuring more of those curved lines in the form of the rounded corners – offers an excellent window into your woodburner. The Oxford is also equipped with an airwash system in which a thin layer of air is forced down the inside of the glass to help keep it clear of grime and soot.

5. Perfect for your living room

Not only does it look the part for the modern living room, the Mazona Oxford is also a very hand size. Its 5kW heat output is about right to make a normal-sized room nice and cosy. And at 463mm high, 402mm wide and 330mm deep, it is a manageable size.

Click here for a closer look at the Mazona Oxford.

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