Make your home power cut proof with a woodburner

Glass back woodburner

Power cuts are part and parcel of an electricity network. With all the stormy weather that seems to be about these days, perhaps you are experiencing more than in previous years. High winds, heavy rainfall and snowy conditions can all cause problems for electricity supplies.

If your power seems to be off more regularly than you remember in the past, why not install a woodburner to guard against the effects of a power cut?

In our modern world, a power cut is perhaps more inconvenient now than ever before. For homes that are reliant on electric central heating and fires, they are a particular problem. And for households with very young or very old members, the problem is only magnified.

Even gas fires are not entirely safe. Some model are dependent on electricity for the lighting process, while sophisticated power gas flues might also be rendered useless when the power goes off.

And many of us are now controlling our heating via the smart home, either via our phones or devices in our property. Many of these are taken out of action when we lose our wifi connection, which we do during a power cut.

Homeowners who already have a wood-burning stove in their property will know just how useful it can be when the power goes off. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of having a woodburner in your home during a power cut.

Why a woodburner is useful in a power cut

  • A wood-burning stove is low-tech. As a result, the opportunities for it to fail are significantly more limited than other appliances. As long as you’ve got fuel to hand, you will be able to light your woodburner during a power cut.
  • A woodburner throws out plenty of heat, so adjacent rooms will feel some benefit from the fire. This would not be the case with alternative options.
  • A woodburner gives you light as well as heat. You will need a lot of candles to generate a similar amount of light.

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