Installing a woodburner in summer

Summer might not be the time of year when you’re most pining for a wood-burning stove in your home, but it is a good time of year to think about buying and installing one.

Installing a woodburner in summer is actually quite a sensible option. For starters, it means your stove will already be there when you need it instead of reacting to a problem when it arises.

Planning ahead

Of course, only reacting to a problem when it arises is human nature, so stove installers are far busier during the cooler weather. If you can have the foresight to arrange your installation before the temperatures start to drop, you will have a wider choice of competent installers (before all the best ones get booked up weeks in advance).

Bargain hunting

Not all stove installers will be willing to discount their services – particularly when they are in such high demand – but those that will are more likely to do so in the summer months when jobs are a bit thinner on the ground. By installing a woodburner in summer, you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity of bagging a bargain.

Muddy feet

On a more practical level, there are also advantages to avoiding the worst of the weather when planning your woodburner installation. At its most basic level, this means your stove installer isn’t having to walk through mud, puddles and mushy, fallen leaves each time they go in and out of your home. Although the British summer might not always help you out in this regard, generally speaking your carpet will be safer if you choose to install in summer. Installing a woodburner in summer also minimises the risk of your installation being postponed due to particularly treacherous conditions: there is less chance of a icy roof tiles and high winds in the summer months.

Unexpected use

As we’ve mentioned in this blog post, another advantage of installing a woodburner in summer is that you might get some unexpected use from it. Sometimes it can get a bit chilly of an evening and occasionally we get some unseasonable weather in June, July and August, so a woodburner can be a useful thing to have at your disposal.

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