Cleaning and tidying your stove and fireplace for Christmas

Yes, Christmas ought to be about goodwill to all, but sometimes it is also about making sure your home doesn’t look like a disaster zone when friends and family visit.

In this article we will be making sure your wood-burning stove doesn’t let the side down. Follow these tips to ensure your fireplace is in tip-top condition, even when that snooty neighbour unexpectedly calls to deliver a card and raid your mince pies.

Get a decent companion set

Over the festive period in particular, you want cleaning your stove and fireplace to be as quick and hassle-free as possible. That’s where a good companion set comes in handy. You’ll be able to clean and remove ashes from the stove and hearth more easily, as well as getting more control over the placement of your fuel to avoid it unnecessarily marking the glass. Click here to take a look at some companion sets.

Invest in stove glass cleaner

Most of the stoves we sell have airwash systems to keep the glass clean, but some blackening is inevitable. You’re burning fuel within inches of the glass so it is bound to get cloudy and look a bit grubby. Get the sparkle back with a quick spray of stove glass cleaner. At Christmas more so than any other time, the time-saving potential of the spray bottle makes it really useful to have in your home. Click here to see stove glass cleaner.

Keep little ones safe with a fire screen

The last you need over the Christmas period is a trip to A&E. Keep little visitors to your home safe by adding this fire screen to your woodburner. Your room will still benefit from the warmth provided by the stove, but the hot metal surfaces will be further away from inquisitive hands. Click here to see the fire screen.

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