Very small wood burners: find a tiny stove for your home

One of the most popular niche wood-burning stove markets is that for very small wood burners. A stove that is too big for the room in which it is situated can be overpowering, so it is important that if the woodburner is being installed in a small space you install a suitably small stove.

Most stove manufacturers start their ranges at around the 4kW heat output mark, so that’s the sort of size you will need to consider.

Whether it is a snug room in your home, a shed, small cabin or boat in which you are installing the appliance, in this article you will find the perfect stove. Without further ado, let’s explore some very small wood burners.

Our picks of the best very small wood burners

Mazona Signet 4 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove


The Mazona Rocky is one of our most popular stoves. The Signet is its smaller stablemate, which is specifically designed for those who are looking for a very small wood burner. It has the same sturdy cast iron build, timeless design and efficient burn, but with a 4kW heat output. Have a closer look.

GBS Mariner 4 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

If you’re looking for a very small contemporary stove, the GBS Mariner 4kW is a great option. As the marine-themed name suggests, this was designed with the boating market in mind. But it has proved equally popular on dry land among those looking for a small stove in a modern design. Have a closer look.

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4 kW Flexifuel Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Another great modern woodburner with a manageable heat output. This is made in the UK by Devon-based Arada Stoves and sold under its Aarrow brand of stoves. The Ecoburn Plus offers outstanding efficiency and a large glass window for stunning views of the flames inside. Have a closer look.

Aarrow Acorn View 4 kW Flexifuel Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

A second successive Aarrow stove. Like the Ecoburn Plus, the Acorn View is made in the UK, boasts a stylish contemporary design and is very efficient. It is smaller in height and width, so might be a better option if dimensions are a consideration in your search for a very small wood burner. Have a closer look.

Dimplex Westcott Inset Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

Are you looking for a very small stove that will be easy to install into an existing fireplace? If so, the Dimplex Westcott inset stove is a great choice. It comes in a timeless design and a cast iron body that is designed to slot into a standard fireplace opening. Have a closer look.

Stratford 7HE Ecoboiler Wood Burning Multi Fuel Boiler Stove

Do you need your small stove to heat your water or radiators as well as the room? The Stratford 7HE incorporates a back boiler that can be plumbed into your central heating.

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  1. They all seem a bit plain and dull to me. My handyman showed me a lovely ornate stove that he was installing in his own house recently. I think it was French. Anyone with a Victorian house will need something that goes with the general style of the building, which might be quite ornate. Where are all the fancy designs?

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