Removing scratches from your woodburner or flue


It is always very annoying when your pristine wood-burning stove and flue suddenly becomes sullied by a scratch. Whether you – or someone else in your household – has bashed something into the stove, dropped something on it or found another way to mark the appliance, there is no escaping the fact that your eyes will instantly be drawn to the new imperfection.

That doesn’t have to be the case because it is actually really easy to get rid of scratches and other marks on your stove.

Here’ how to do just that…

Getting rid of a scratch on a woodburner

In most cases, the only thing you will need in order to hide the scratch forever and return to a beautiful, unmarked woodburner is a lick of stove paint. Remember, you will need to use specialist heat resistant stove paint and only apply it when your appliance is at room temperature.

Depending on the nature of the scratch or mark, you may need to remove the existing paint from the surrounding area in order to apply the touch-up coat. In some instances the paint might dry flakily or pull off more paint from the first coat. If that is the case, gently use wire wool to remove the paint from the affected area, then apply the new coat.

Keep in mind that the paint might also peel off when the stove is in use if you have applied too much.

Ready to get rid of a scratch on your woodburner?

If there is a scratch on your wood-burning stove at the moment that you want to get rid of now, all you need is a can of stove paint. Remember to buy flat / matte finish or metallic paint depending on the current finish of your appliance.

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