Can I swap a gas fire for a woodburner?


With many households keen to end their reliance on continually rising gas prices as a form of heating for their home, we’re often asked if it is possible to swap a gas fire or boiler for a woodburner.

The answer is definitely yes, but the presence of the gas fire is not of any advantage. In fact, the chances are you will have to remove the entire gas fire system before starting from scratch with a wood-burning stove system.

Can I keep my gas fire flue for a woodburner?

This is the other question that is often asked: ‘can’t I just connect the woodburner to the gas flue?’ Unfortunately, the answer is almost certain to be no.

Gas flues (and, for that matter, oil flues) are not made to withstand the same high temperatures as wood-burning stove flues. They are usually single skin in construction and simply cannot cope with flue gases passing through at the sort of temperatures generated by a stove.

Stove flue are specifically manufactured for use with wood-burning stoves and are often made from completely different metals than their gas fire counterparts.

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Don’t miss anything

So, we’ve established that the whole gas system needs to be ripped out before installation work starts on your woodburner. Don’t forget your back boiler.

If a gas boiler is fitted behind the old fire to provide heat to your radiators or water, that will need to be removed to.

Read more on the importance of removing old back boilers.

What next?

If you’re happy to go ahead with installing a woodburner in place of your gas fire, you might like to browse some stoves to start getting ideas. Alternatively, if what you have read here has made you put your plans to install a woodburner on hold, perhaps a new gas fire is the way to go.

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