Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week: Storing and Seasoning Wood

So far, all of the Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week tips we’ve shared have been about keeping your stove in tip-top condition while it’s out of use. Today we’re looking forward to when the season changes again and your woodburner is back in regular use.

In particular, we’re looking at something you can do right now to help your stove through the forthcoming winter: seasoning wood.

Burning seasoned wood encourages a more efficient (and therefore less expensive) burn. It also helps to minimise wear and tear to your stove and the build up of creosote in your stove system.

Now is a great time of year to start storing wood for the winter (or, ideally, the winter after that). With most people using fewer logs than during the colder weather, logs are easier to come by so you should be able to find plenty to start seasoning.

If you do that, your fuel will have a lower moisture content, burn more efficiently and generate more heat when you come to use it. A moisture meter will help your work out if your logs are sufficiently seasoned.

Find out more about seasoning wood over the summer.

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