Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week: Getting your chimney swept


We mentioned earlier in Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week that it was important to clean your stove to avoid corrosive materials sitting for extended periods of time. The same applies to the rest of the stove system, which means it is a good time to call upon the services of a chimney sweep.

Getting your chimney swept now will remove any build-ups of creosote, which will help to improve the efficiency of your woodburner and reduce the risk of chimney fires. It will also get rid of any corrosive soot, which might otherwise cause problems over the summer.

And getting a sweep in now means your stove will be ready for action again as soon as the temperature drops.

This blog post was written for people who hadn’t had their chimney swept during the summer and were about to start using their stove again in autumn, but the advice on finding a sweep might be of use to you.

Get tips on finding a chimney sweep.

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