Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week: Checking your stove parts


While you were undertaking your woodburner spring clean, you might have noticed some wear and tear to your stove’s internal parts.

After a long, hard winter of keeping you warm, your stove could be starting to feel the effects. This is especially true if you have been operating the stove at too high a temperature (getting a stove thermometer will put an end to that), burning unseasoned wood or allowing ashes to sit for extended periods of time.

To get your stove back in prime condition, you need to carry out an MOT and replace any parts that are worn or broken. So, that’s the next stage of our Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week.

Get tips on checking your stove parts here.

You should also look out for rust when performing your check-up. Find out what to do if you find rust on your woodburner.

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