Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week: A spring clean for your woodburner


Looking after your wood-burning stove isn’t just about caring for it when it is in regular use. In fact, there are a few measures you can take when your woodburner is out of use during the warmer weather to help keep it in tip-top condition.

Given that over the past couple of weeks we have had some sunny days, perhaps you have started to use your stove less frequently of late.

For that reason, we’ve made this week Spring & Summer Woodburner Care Week. Over the course of the week, we’ll share tips detailing how to minimise the risk of damage being caused to your woodburner while it is out of use. Let’s get started with a spring clean…

It is important to give your wood-burning stove a good clean before you stop using it regularly over the summer months.

Ashes can be corrosive if they are allowed to sit for a sustained period of time, so it is a good idea to clear them all out before packing your stove up. After all, the last thing you want to do is return to your woodburner in a few months to find that some of the internal parts have become worn.

In addition to the grate and ashpan, on top of the baffle plate is a prime location for ashes to gather, so make sure you remove all the internal parts for a thorough clean.

Get tips on cleaning your wood-burning stove here.

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