Meet the Manufacturer: Thorma Stoves


Thorma is a Slovakian stove manufacturing brand. It has been around in its current guise since 1998, but followed in the footsteps of old manufacturing company Kovosmalt Fiľakovo, which had a 100-year history.

Thorma produces a host of heating products but, for the purpose of this Meet the Manufacturer guide, we’re most interested in their range of wood-burning stoves.

The company’s collection incorporates distinctively modern designs and others that are clearly influenced by traditional eastern European woodburners. That combination makes for some fresh and exciting appliances, some of which we will now have a look at in more detail.

Thorma Bozen Multi-fuel Stove Black
Thorma Bozen
As we mentioned above, the Thorma range incorporates stoves that offer a contemporary take on eastern European stoves. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the case of the Bozen. We’re simply not accustomed to this style of woodburner in the UK. As such, it makes for a really eye-catching design. It also boasts a deceptively large firebox. Have a closer look.

Thorma Falun 8kw Wood Burning Stove
Thorma Falun
The Falun is another freestanding stove built in the tall style often favoured on the continent, but it offers a far more minimal and modern interpretation of that look than the Bozen. It includes a large window, which makes for an impressive display when the stove is lit. Have a closer look.

Thorma Andorra 7.5kW Wood Burning Stove
Thorma Andorra
The Thorma Andorra is a stylish and sleek woodburner. Its eye-catching curved design put it very much at the contemporary end of the spectrum of Thorma’s output. The impression created by the cylindrical body is only enhanced by the curved glass window. Have a closer look.

Thorma Atomik Wood Burning Stove
Thorma Atomik
The understated Thorma Atomik greets you with a flat steel front, broken by that impressive glass display window. This is another example of minimalism and simplicity shining through in Thorma designs. Have a closer look.

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