Farage fires could damage woodburners

Setting fire to pictures of David Cameron, Ed Miliband or Nigel Farage could leave you out of pocket.

With the general election campaign now officially underway, households across the country will find leaflets from the various political parties landing on their doormat. But try to avoid the temptation to throw the leaflets onto your stove.

It seems likely that the election will be won and lost on the economy – but setting fire to election leaflets on woodburners is definitely a false economy.

We’ve already seen people celebrating the arrival of free fuel for their stoves in the form of election flyers and brochures through their letterboxes. In fact, people often seem to get a lot of enjoyment from watching leaflets from parties that definitely won’t be getting their vote go up in flames.

Unfortunately, these political statements can cause lasting damage to their stove.

Cracked glass, warping and holes

Woodburners are not designed to burn paper, which sets alight far more easily than the logs that are intended to be the main fuel source. While many stove owners use a small amount of newspaper when lighting their stove, adding paper once the stove is lit can cause the appliance to overfire. This means it operates at too high a temperature, which can harm the appliance.

Overfiring can cause a lot of damage, including cracked glass, holes to the internal parts and even warping of the flue pipe.

While we stock a range of spares to prepare for these eventualities, we would advise people not to burn election leaflets so that they don’t find themselves shopping for spares before 7 May.

Glossy election leaflets could cause additional problems. Burning them encourages creosote to build up in the chimney, which reduces the efficiency of a stove and increases the risk of chimney fires.

If plastics have been used in the item being burned, such as in wrappers or envelope windows, the fumes can also be toxic.

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