Stove fan: make your woodburner work harder

Spread the heat your stove is generating further, faster with this invaluable gadget.
Ecofan Stove Fan for Wood-Burning Stove

A wood-burning stove helps to cut your reliance on central heating and may cut your heating costs as a result.

But it’s possible to make even greater savings on your energy bills with the help of a stove fan.

This fantastic gadget takes the heat that your stove is already generating and circulates it so that more of your home feels the benefit of the warmth.

More efficient

Not only does a stove fan improve heat circulation by encouraging it to spread outwards rather than immediately rise, it will also increase fuel efficiency (with savings of up to 14%, according to research by a Canadian university). That’s because the air around the stove heats faster and stays warm, which helps the convection process.

In short, your room heats more easily and quickly. That, in turn, will help the warmth spread to surrounding rooms.

No batteries or mains power

The stove fan featured above – the Ecofan 810 – costs nothing to operate. It generates its own electricity, which means you don’t need any batteries or mains power to operate it. The heat your woodburner is already creating is sufficient to power it.

It starts automatically, speeding up as the stove temperature rises and automatically shutting off once the appliance cools.

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2 thoughts on “Stove fan: make your woodburner work harder

  1. I have both house electric air and heat. Also a fine KING stove in my fire place that I love…live in the country so wood isn’t a problem to get, $50. to $100. a rick…I would love to have a pamphlet of your wood burning stoves and start thinking of buying one…I will need some prices…Many thanks, Jimmy Klein

    • Hi Jimmy

      We’d love to help, but we detect from your choice of currency that you’re perhaps based in the USA. Unfortunately, we only deliver to the UK.

      Sorry about that.



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