Electric Stoves: they look like woodburners, but they’re not

Electric Stoves

A wood-burning stove is a hugely desirable item for any home.

With its eco-friendliness, cosiness and thriftiness, a woodburner can make a big difference to a property. But it’s not always possible to install one, much as you might like to.

Whether due to financial, structural or other reasons, sometimes it’s simply not feasible to install a woodburner. If you find yourself in that position, one way to at least secure some of the aesthetics and homeliness of a wood-burning stove is to get an electric stove instead.

No, it’s not quite the real thing, but electric stoves are electric fires that are designed to look like woodburners.

The body looks very similar to a genuine wood-burning stove. Inside, instead of setting logs or solid fuel alight, you get a flame effect. The heat, of course, is instead provided by electricity.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of electric stoves.

Dimplex Club Electric Stove

Electric Stoves - Dimplex Club
One of the most popular electric stoves we stock is the Dimplex Club Electric Stove. It is features a cast iron style finish and Optiflame® log effect. The flame effect can be used even when the 2kW heater is turned off. Have a closer look.

Dimplex Springborne Electric Stove

Electric Stoves - Dimplex Springborne
Unlike the Club, the Dimplex Springborne Electric Stove gives the impression of a multi-fuel stove rather than a wood-burning stove. As such, you can see a bed of coal inside the appliance. And it’s real coal, just pretend flames. Again it’s a 2kW heater. Have a closer look.

Dimplex Brayford Electric Stove

Electric Stoves - Dimplex Brayford
We’re back to logburners with the Dimplex Brayford Electric Stove, another appliance that features Dimplex’s Optiflame® log effect. It is a compact stove that has been designed to standard on standard hearths and fireplaces. Have a closer look.

You can see more electric stoves by clicking here.

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