Inset log burners: 5 great stoves that fit in your fireplace

For homeowners who want to install a wood-burning stove, have an existing fireplace and want minimal structural changes to their property, inset log burners are a great option.

An inset log burner is designed to simply slot into a standard sized fireplace opening for an open fire.

This type of appliance allows you to install a log burner without the need to open up the fireplace, as you would in order to accommodate a free-standing appliance.

There are some outstanding inset log burners on the market. Here are a handful of the ones we recommend…

GBS Eco-Inset 7 kW Multi-fuel Stove
inset log burners - GBS Ecoinset
The GBS Eco-Inset 7kW is a stylish inset log burner made from steel. It’s a multi-fuel stove, which means smokeless fuels can also be burned on it. It fits into a standard fireplace opening and creates a 7kW heat output.

Mazona Crete Inset Stove 5kw
Inset Log Burners - Mazona Crete
Another sleek steel inset log burner, the Mazona Crete generates a 5kW heat output. At £350 (price correct at time of writing) it is also very reasonably priced for an inset stove.
Click here to have a closer look.

Arizona Denver 609 Multi Fuel 6.5 – 7.8 kW Inset Stove
inset log burner - arizona denver
The Arizona Denver is one of our best-selling inset stoves. It slots into a 16-inch wide by 22-inch high fireplace and is simply held in place by two clips, which means it can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Click here to have a closer look.

Dimplex Westcott Inset Multi Fuel Stove
Inset Log Burners - Dimplex Westcott
Dimplex is a respected name in the world of heating and the Westcott inset log burner only enhances their reputation. Its distinctive and attractive curved edges are a neat finishing touch to a very nice little woodburner. Click here to have a closer look.

Aarrow Inset Ecoburn 7 kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove
Inset Log Burners - Aarrow Ecoburn 7kW
The most expensive stove on this list, the Aarrow Inset Ecoburn 7 kW is priced at £764.15 (correct at time of writing). For that investment you get a beautifully designed, British-made steel appliance. Click here to have a closer look.

That’s just a handful of option. See more inset log burners here.

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