Slimline electric fires: 5 outstanding appliances

Space is often at a premium in our homes these days. Our TVs keep getting thinner, our computers keep getting thinner, so it makes sense that our fires are getting thinner. Nowhere is that more true than in the case of slimline electric fires.

Like our TVs, electric fire are now often mounted to walls as an additional space-saving measure. And if you’re getting a wall-mounted electric fire, you definitely want it to be as slim as possible.

With that in mind, here are a handful of excellent slimline electric fires.

Ezee Glow WH2 Lara Black Glass Wall Mounted Electric Fire

LARA mk2_Side
With a depth of just 120mm, the Ezee Glow WH2 Lara is an excellent slimline electric fire – and it’s got a slimline price to match. At the time of writing, it is available for just £156. Have a closer look now.

Celsi Puraflame Wall Mounted Curved

The Celsi Puraflame could be even slimmer were it not for it curved design. But even taking that into account, it is still only 135mm deep. Have a closer look now.

Dimplex Bizet Wall Hung Electric Fire

Dimplex Bizet Slimline Electric Fire
The Dimplex Bizet is a very refined slimline electric fire. It is mounted in the sense that it can be attached to the wall, but also looks mounted in the artistic meaning with the silver border sitting within the black frame. Have a closer look now.

Celsi Puraflame Wall Mounted Panoramic

As its name suggests, the Celsi Puraflame Wall-Mounted Panoramic is a wide, short electric fire. But it is also a very thin one, with a depth of just 105mm. Have a closer look now.

We’ve focused on slimline wall-mounted electric fires so far, but you can also save space with an inset or freestanding slimline electric fire.

Dimplex Danesbury Black Electric Fire

The Dimplex Danesbury is just 170mm deep and can slot into an existing fireplace in an inset style. It, along with similar inset electric fires, offers a stylish and modern slimline alternative to wall-mounted fires. Have a closer look now.

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