Tips for buying an electric fire

Electric fire buying guide


Choose which type of electric fire you want
There are a variety of different types of electric fires available. Some of the main ones include:

Wall-mounted electric fires: These are fires that are designed to be hung on your wall, like pictures.

Inset electric fires: Also called recessed electric fires, these appliances are designed to fitted within holes in the wall. Depending on the style of fire, this might be a traditional fireplace opening or another recess in the wall.

Electric stoves: These are appliances that borrow the look and style of a traditional wood-burning stove, but are in fact electric fires.

Freestanding electric fires: These are self-contained that are usually designed to create the look of a traditional fireplace but, in reality, simply fit against the wall.

Consider where it will be positioned
Remember, you will need an electricity supply nearby to power your new electric fire, so it is worth taking that into consideration when deciding where to put it. On average, an electric fire comes with a 1.5metre cable.

Choose your heating requirements
How much heat do you need to generate? Some electric fires have a single heat setting, while others have multiple setting. Others still allow you to use the flame effect without producing any heat at all. The most common multiple settings are a 1kW heat output and 2kW heat output setting.

If the appliance is fan-assisted you might find it heats your home more efficiently.

And do you want to control the fire from the comfort of your sofa? Many come with remote controls, so look out for this if it is a feature you want from your appliance.

Choose your flame
Some electric fires now have very realistic flames that are so good that you might struggle to tell the difference from real flames. Others go to the other end of the scale and offer deliberately artificial LED flames in purples, blues and oranges. Deciding what you want from your flames will help to narrow down your options.

Choose your style
There are electric fires to suit all tastes and styles of decor. Some are very traditional, while others are more suited to modern homes. It’s just about finding the right one for your household.

Browse a collection of electric fires to see which style you want.

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