Dimplex Westcott Multi-Fuel Stove: 5 reasons why it could be the right woodburning stove for you

Dimplex Westcott

1. It comes in a variety of sizes
The Dimplex Westcott is available in 5kW, 8kW and 12kW models, so it doesn’t really matter what size your living room is, you will be able to find the stove that’s right for you. The Westcott’s variety of heat output options make it a very versatile appliance, suitable everywhere from a cosy snug to a generously proportioned room. The aesthetic remains similar, regardless of the heat output, with the exception that the 12kW version comes with double doors.

2. Quality cast iron construction
Dimplex is a well-known and trusted name within the world of heating, which makes this Westcott a safe choice. It’s a solid, well constructed appliance made from high quality cast iron. In this case, the cast iron is put to great use in a traditional yet timeless design, which ensures that the Westcott adapts to various different styles of property and decor.

3. Airwash system
All the Dimplex Westcott stoves include an airwash system. This involves a thin layer of warm air being directed down the inside of the glass when the stove is in use. This effectively creates a film, which prevents soot and dirt from settling. This keeps the glass clean and saves you having to clean it by hand.

4. It’s available as a freestanding or inset stove
Dimplex Westcott
Whether you’ve got an existing fireplace that you want to convert to a stove with minimum fuss, or the space for a freestanding appliance, the Westcott fits the bill. As well as the various freestanding models previously mentioned, the 5kW is also available in an inset version. It is designed to slot into a standard 16inch fireplace opening, so it is suitable for most properties that have previously had an open fire.

5. 80.9% efficiency
That’s what the aforementioned Westcott inset achieves, and the other models are not too far behind. So when you burn fuel on this woodburner, you know that the overwhelming majority of it is being put to great use heating your home rather than being lost up the chimney. That makes the Westcott a very cost effective choice.

See the Dimplex Westcott stoves for yourself.

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