Cheap wood burners: buying a bargain stove

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Buying a wood-burning stove doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are plenty of cheap wood burners available that will do a brilliant job of making your home cosy and reducing your heating bills.

Seeing a high-spec stove in a glossy magazine makes a lot of people assume that a woodburner is out of their reach. Nothing could be further than the truth.

With the most expensive stoves you’re usually paying for an unusual or contemporary design.

If you’re looking for something closer to the traditional appearance of a wood-burning stove, you can get some great appliances for less than £300. You can get stoves with modern, cleanburning features and

Here’s a rundown of the cheapest log burners and cheapest multi-fuel stoves currently available.

Mazona Rocky 6 kW Multi-fuel Stove
Mazona Rocky Multi-Fuel Stove
The Mazona Rocky is our bestselling stove nearly every month. The reason? A fairly substantial 6kW heat output coupled with a price tag that is less than £250.

That proves an irresistible combination for many people in the hunt for a cheap wood-burning stove, especially when you consider the cast iron construction and a five-year guarantee. Find out more.

Mazona Signet 4 kW Multi-fuel Stove
Mazona Signet Multi Fuel Stove
The Mazona Signet is a small stove that’s perfect if you’re looking for a bargain wood burner for a snug space, such as a boat, cabin, caravan or small room. It’s also a good option if you’re intending to use the stove to supplement rather than replace your existing heating.

It’s essentially a little sister to the Mazona Rocky and boasts many of the same features, including the cast iron body, five-year warranty, ridding grate and primary and secondary air supplies. Find out more.

Evergreen ST0311-11 Cedar 7 kW Multi-fuel Stove
The Evergreen Cedar is another very reasonably priced multi-fuel stove with an impressive heat output. In this case, a not inconsiderable 7kW is generated.

The stove is quite traditional but unfussy in its styling – it’s a solid appliance that works with all sorts of different decor. Again, it is made from cast iron. Find out more.

Evergreen ST250SE Ashley 5 kW Wood Burning Stove
The Evergreen Ashley has an extra aspect of thriftiness: hot plates. Buy this stove and you can use the heat it generates to cook your dinner!

It comes in a distinctive rounded style and generates 5kW of heat output. That styling, coupled with the detailing across the glass, creates a homely and traditional feel to this stove. Find out more.

GBS Mariner 4 kW Multi-fuel Stove
GBS Mariner Multi-fuel stove
If you want to do sleek and modern on a budget, the GBS Mariner might fit the fill. Its minimalist design gives it a lovely, contemporary look.

GBS (Great British Stoves) initially targeted this woodburner at the boat and barge market – hence the marine-related name – but its popularity has grown well beyond that niche. It comes with a three-year warranty, generates 4kW of heat output and is made from top quality steel.

Find out more.


That’s just a whistle-stop introduction to some of the cheap wood burners available to you.

See a selection of stoves that each cost less than £300

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