Using a wood-burning stove in summer

Wood-burning stoves are, for obvious reasons, mainly associated with the winter months… so is there a use for them in summer?

Well, we can’t pretend that you’ll get as much use out of a woodburner during the warmer weather, but it can be a handy things to have around.


Chilly summer evenings
Think summer and you instantly think sun, sea and sand. Sadly, it’s not always quite like that in the UK.

We normally get a generous smattering of chilly days and, on those days, it’s quite nice to have a wood-burning stove to call upon.

In those circumstances, a stove is a cheaper and more pleasant alternative to popping the central heating on.

Technical problems
Your boiler is more likely to pack in during the colder weather, but there’s nothing to stop it happening in summer.

If you’ve got a boiler stove installed, you can provide hot water for your household even if your central heating is out of order.

Unexpected wintery spells
Think of the summer of 2012 and you probably remember the golden haze of the Olympics. Cast your mind back a bit further and you might recall that June and July was absolutely freezing.

At the time, some experts calculated we’d spent an extra £1billion on heating bills as a nation because we reached for the central heating… except those of us with a woodburner to light instead.

Preparing for winter
Summer is also a very convenient time to do work on your wood-burning stove. Although we’ve pointed out occasions that you’ll be able to use your woodburner in the summer months, the chances are it will be out of use for extended periods, too. If that’s the case, you need to put a bit of effort into keeping your stove in top condition. Find out how to prepare your stove for summer.

Convenient installation
If you don’t yet have your wood-burning stove, summer is a great time to think about the installation.

Here are 5 reasons why it makes sense to install your stove in summer.

4 thoughts on “Using a wood-burning stove in summer

  1. Obviously never asked you round to enjoy a little neighbourly warmth then ! A well installed wood burner would not be an irritant but may cause jealousy!!

  2. Yes, I’ve noticed the sheep spread over hundreds of acres round us on the ‘moors >do< seem to have taken the hump and aren't speaking to us anymore…. but then they keep stummm when all the seasonal heather-burning takes place as well 😉

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