Finding the best companion set for your wood-burning stove


When you’re getting a wood-burning stove installed, it’s easy to forget that you will probably need a companion set, too.

The trusty set of fireplace tools is commonly associated with the hearth of an open fire, but you don’t have to own a woodburner for very long to work out that they are equally useful for stoves.

For example, if you have a wood-burning stove – as opposed to a multi-fuel stove – there will be no ashpan and you’ll have to find your own way of getting most of the ashes out of the firebox. The small shovel that you will find in most companion sets is the perfect tool with which to do this.

Unless you have the steadiest of hands, you might spill a small amount of ash. In this case, you’ll be grateful of a small fireside brush to quickly clear them up.

Reloading a multi-fuel stove with coal or smokeless fuels? You’ll be grateful of a pair of fire tongs to help your place your fuel where you want it without getting a burn in the process.

And a poker is always useful to keep your fire under control and doing exactly what you want it to do.

The question is, which companion set should you get? We’ll give you a few suggestions…

Best basket companion set
Basket 4 Piece Medium Companion Set Black
Most companion sets offer the traditional central stand design, with the tools hanging around the edges. If you’re looking for something a bit different to that, this basket design is a nice idea. It is a tidy set that will sit against a wall rather than needing any undue prominence in the middle of a hearth.

Best classic companion set for a wood-burning stove
Urn Top 4 Piece Fireside Companion 16inch
This neat, compact companion set gives a traditional look that is something a bit different from the cast iron of most traditional companion sets. The urn top design will add an elegant flourish to any fireplace.

Best contemporary companion set for a wood-burning stove
Ezee Glow 4 Piece Tool Set Beech Handles
If you’ve got modern decor or a contemporary-styled stove it makes sense to find a companion set to match. That’s exactly what this Ezee Glow set offers. It’s also available with steel handles and in a 3-piece version.

Best traditional companion set for a wood-burning stove
4 Piece Black Companion Set With Caged Handles
There is a wide choice of traditional companion sets, but one of our favourites is this set with caged handles. If you’ve got a classically-style stove – particularly a cast iron appliance with ornate detailing – this is the perfect partner.

See our full range of companions sets.

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  1. Hi, I would like to enquire if you can deliver a companion set to Republic of Ireland please and if so how much extra for delivery?

    I am really interested in the 4 piece companion set with caged handles. How much is it please?



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