Best wood-burning stoves for holiday cottages and holiday lets

Invicta Sevilla Holiday Cottage Woodburner

We’ve written before about the intrinsic link between the wood-burning stove and the holiday cottage. It’s always amazing to see how many testimonials and reviews of holiday cottages make mention of wood-burning stoves.

Little wonder that they often feature prominently in advertisements for holiday lets. When they are clearly so popular with holidaymakers, it makes sense to show off if you’ve got one.

If you own a holiday let property that doesn’t currently have a wood-burning stove installed, it would be a relatively small investment to make in order to see if it has an impact on your booking numbers (and on your reviews).

Why do people love woodburners in holiday cottages?

Tradition: People are often escaping from modern life when they book a break in a holiday cottage. Lighting a traditional form of heating such as a stove instantly evokes a simpler time.
Romance: There is something very romantic about a roaring wood-burning stove. It’s an immediate mood-setter.
Cosiness: Even if it’s a family booking rather than a romantic getaway, a stove creates a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.
Weather: Let’s face it, the weather is out of your hands. But at least you can make it a treat if people are forced to stay indoors during their stay in your cottage.

Which is the best wood-burning stove to buy for a holiday let?

There are lots of factors at play here, including the size of the property. Use our stove size calculator to work out what’s right for your holiday let.

You also need to decide how much you want to spend on your stove. Prices start at around £250 and go up into the thousands. It all depends what sort of impression you want to create.

Mazona Rocky Multi-Fuel Stove

In a rustic holiday cottage, something from our Mazona Stoves range might be suitable. These are traditional cast-iron stoves that won’t break the bank. Given that your stove is likely to be operated by wood-burning stove novices, you might be more comfortable will a less expensive appliance, such as the Mazona Rocky 6kW (pictured above).

Here are a selection of great value stoves.

If you’re targeting the luxury holiday market or have a large, open plan space, it might make sense to opt for a high-end woodburner. You’ll find lots of eye-catching designs in the Invicta Stoves collection, such as the Invicta Chamane (pictured below).

Invicta Chamane

How much does it cost to install a wood-burning stove in a holiday cottage?
There is no exact science for working this out, unfortunately, put we have created a handy calculator to help you work out approximate costs for an installation.

Get the stove installation calculator now.

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