Walter White and his wood-burning stove in Breaking Bad


The hit US drama Breaking Bad might have come to an end last year, but the fact that it aired on Netflix rather than a major channel in the UK means it is still spreading by word-of-mouth recommendation.

And when people near the conclusion of the five-series show they’ll find a starring role for a wood-burning stove.


With Walt on the run and living under a false identity, he finds himself living in a cabin in snowy New Hampshire. Given that he is one of America’s most wanted criminals, getting the energy companies in is not really an option.

As the vacuum repair guy who helps him escape New Mexico and transports him to the cabin explains: “That’s a wood-burner. Ought to warm the place up pretty good.”

We tend to agree!

Walter White Breaking Bad Wood Burning Stove 2

Later in the episode, which is episode 15 of series 5 and entitled Granite State, we see Walt getting to work lighting his wood burner.

After deciding that venturing out in the snow is not a good idea, he heads back to his cabin to light the stove. We get a great camera shot from inside the woodburner as Walt lights it.

Walter White Wood Burning Stove Breaking Bad

It just goes to show, no matter how much of a pickle you’re in, life always seems a bit better with a roaring wood-burning stove going.

Looking for a wood-burning stove like Walter White’s in Breaking Bad?

The fact that Breaking Bad has earned cult status among its loyal fanbase means that much of the language, clothing and props used in the show have become popular in their own right. So why not the wood burner, too?

If you’re aiming to emulate Walter White’s wood burner, you’ll need a very traditional stove. You don’t get the impression that the stove is a recent addition to Walt’s cabin, so you’ll need something that’s quite authentic in appearance. Something like these…

Five Breaking Bad style wood burners

1. Evergreen ST0147A Ash 7 kW Multi-fuel Stove
Evergreen Ash
The Evergreen Ash is a nice, compact woodburner just like Walter’s. It’s got a classic look and the 7kW heat output will pump plenty of warmth into even larger cabins.

2. Evergreen ST0406 Poplar 8 kW Multi-Fuel Stove
Evergreen Poplar
Another traditional-looking stove from the Evergreen range. This Poplar gives out slightly more heat and also features metal over the glass window, just like Walt’s stove. Find out more.

3. Mazona Rocky 6 kW Multi-fuel Stove
Mazona Rocky Cheap Wood-Burning Stove
Perfect for getting Walter White’s cabin look on a budget – after all, not everybody has $10m in a barrel for company – the Mazona Rocky is a traditional cast iron stove priced at less than £250. Find out more.

4. Arizona Montana 657B 11.5 kW multi fuel boiler stove
Walt’s flit was New Mexico-New Hampshire, but you can make yours Arizona-Montana. If Mr White had gone for this boiler stove he could have had hot running water in the cabin.

5. Evergreen ST250SE Ashley 5 kW Wood Burning Stove
If the aforementioned boiler stove isn’t for you, you can heat your water and food the Walter White way with the Evergreen Ashley. This wood burner has two hotplates on top. You can see Walt heating pans on top of his stove during the episode. Find out more.

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