Wood Burning Stove Rope

Choose your stove from the list below to get the right Stove rope. If you’re stove isn’t in the list, give us a call on 0121 271 0221 and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Aarrow Stove Rope

Acorn View 4

Acorn 4

Acorn 5

Ecoburn 5

Ecoburn 7

Ecoburn 9

Ecoburn 11

Ecoburn 5 Inset

Sherborne Compact

Sherborne Small

Sherborne Medium

Sherborne Large

Evergreen Stove Rope

Poplar ST0406

Holly ST1017

Mazona Stove Rope

Small Orlando

Medium Orlando Double Door

Medium Orlando Single Door

Large Orlando

Gr8 Fires Sunrain Stove Rope



Arizona Stove Rope



Stratford Stove Rope

SEB20 Boiler


Villager Stove Rope

Chelsea Duo

Chelsea Solo

Invicta Stove Rope


Dimplex Stove Rope

Westcott 4

Westcott 5

Westcott 8

Westcott 12

Carron Stove Rope


15 thoughts on “Wood Burning Stove Rope

  1. Hi Adam,
    I have a Fox Hunter Stove and the Rope is going around the glass panels. What rope do I need please?

    Many thanks,
    Ted Varley.

  2. Hi Adam

    1. Mine’s a Firefox 8 from the Gallery collection. I bought a couple from you in about 2012. I’ve checked the rope and it seems OK, possibly a bit flat. Should I replace it as when closed, the flames don’t die down as quickly as they used to, even though the top and bottom air intakes are closed and fully tightened?

    2. Different subject: I’ve just built a wooden, insulated garden house (glorified shed) which will need heating. Do you have cheap, smallest possible, stove which will take logs a bit smaller than the Firefox? It’s about 30 m3

    3. In the house I need a light tunnel approx. 8′ to go through the first floor landing (pantiled roof). Can you help on this?

    Thanks, John

  3. Hi , i have masons rocky, purchased from yourselves, i need new rope. I saw an earlier link above but it has different thicknesses, which do i need 6mm or 8mm, i can measure for length just need to know size

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