Wood Burning Stove Bottom Grate


Choose your stove from the list below to get the right Stove bottom grate. If you’re stove isn’t in the list, give us a call on 0121 271 0221 and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Mazona Stove Bottom Grate


Orlando (small, new)

Orlando (small, old)


Rocky (old)

Aarrow Stove Bottom Grate

Acorn View 4

Acorn 4

Acorn 5

Add In Boilers

Ecoburn 5

Ecoburn 7

Ecoburn 9

Ecoburn 11

Ecoburn 5 Inset

Sherborne Compact

Sherborne Small

Sherborne Medium

Sherborne Large

Evergreen Stove Bottom Grate

Poplar ST0406

Gr8 Fires Sunrain Stove Bottom Grate


Arizona Stove Bottom Grate


Stratford Stove Bottom Grate

SEB20 Boiler

Villager Stove Bottom Grate

Villager A

Villager B

Invicta Stove Bottom Grate


Dimplex Stove Bottom Grate

Westcott 4

Westcott 5

Westcott 8

Westcott 12


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