Wood Burning Stove Baffle

Choose your stove from the list below to get the right Stove baffle. If you’re stove isn’t in the list, give us a call on 0121 271 0221 and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Mazona Stove Baffle

Orlando (small Series 1)

Orlando (small Series 2)

Orlando (medium Series 1)

Orlando (large)

Rocky (new model)

Rocky (old model)



Aarrow Stove Baffle

Acorn View 4

Acorn 4

Acorn 5

Ecoburn 5

Ecoburn 7

Ecoburn 9

Ecoburn 11

Ecoburn 5 Inset

Sherborne Compact

Sherborne Small

Sherborne Medium

Sherborne Large

Evergreen Stove Baffle

Poplar ST0406

Arizona Stove Baffle


Stratford Stove Baffle

SEB20 Boiler

Villager Stove Baffle



Invicta Stove Baffle


Dimplex Stove Baffle

Westcott 4

Westcott 5

Westcott 8

Westcott 12

7 thoughts on “Wood Burning Stove Baffle

  1. My stove is check made does this mean I will have trouble finding a baffle plate difficult or should I apply to the shop where I purchased the stove ? ( if/when this requires replacement ) .

  2. I have a Nashua woodburning stove I purchased in 1978 they are not in business anymore, I have a hole in my baffle plate. had a welder come out to my house he suggested putting furnace cement in the hole and support it with a t until it dries, will that work

    • Hi Marie

      It would be worth a go, though it might not last in the long-term because the baffle takes a lot of punishment. Perhaps look into having a replica made, too.



  3. A welded patch will work perfectly. You can take the baffle plate to a car body shop, they will weld a patch very cheaply. You can use the stove while the baffle plate is being repaired, but it will be less efficicient.

  4. Hi
    I wonder if you could help me i need a new baffle/throat plate for my stove the name of my stove is Bow 014 wood burning do you have any in stock to fit
    look forward to your reply

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