Top five Christmas stocking fillers for wood-burning stove owners

We’ll freely admit that owning a wood burner can become a bit of a way of life. So what do you get the enthusiastic stove owner who has everything for Christmas?

Here are a few of the most popular gift ideas for woodburner owners. It’s by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it will help you to plan a few potential presents.

1. Arada Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter Woodburner
Perhaps the perfect stocking filler for stove owners. The moisture meter will help the stove lover in your life to save money and protect their stove. Plus, they get a very nice digital gadget into the bargain.

This tool will allow them to track the moisture levels in any piece of wood to see if it is suitable to burn. As a result, they can choose the logs that will give maximum efficiency. And they will be able to tell whether the wood is fully seasoned. Buy it now.

2. Red Gauntlets
Stove Gloves
Shakin’ Stevens might be having a blue Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you want one. These heavy duty gloves will help to avoid the air being turned blue over the festive period.

If you know a stove owner who has a habit of cooking themselves more thoroughly than the Christmas turkey, these red gauntlet are the perfect way to put an end to those needless burns. Buy them now.

3. Companion set
Companion set
OK, a companion set might fill up a considerable chunk of the stocking space, but it’s worth it.

A companion set is perfectly named, given that it is the ideal partner in crime for any wood-burning stove owner. Whether you’re shovelling, poking or sweeping your fire, the tools on a companion set make it much easier. And they are all stored together neatly for the next time you need them. Buy one now.

4. Stove Pipe Thermometer
Mazona Stovepipe Thermometer
A stove pipe thermometer is a great money-saving Christmas gadget. As you might expect from a thermometer, it reads the temperature at which you stove is operating.

This is useful to avoid using your woodburner at too high a temperature, which can cause warping to your stove parts, damage to the flue and cracks in the glass. It will also cause you to burn your fuel faster than is necessary, so a stove pipe thermometer saves you money in the short-term and helps your stove to last longer. Buy one now.

5. Chimney cowl
Make sure the turkey is the only bird you cook this yuletide by giving a chimney cowl as a stocking filler.

If you’ve been visited by unexpected intruders down the chimney this year, this is the way to stop birds and other small animals finding a way into your stove. Just make sure you fit it after Santa Claus has had access or nobody will be getting any presents! Buy one now.

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