The cheapest wood-burning stoves

Just because you want to buy your wood-burning stove on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

Here are five cheap wood-burning stoves that are built to offer excellent value for money.

Mazona Signet 4kW Multi-fuel Stove
The very cheapest wood burner we offer is the Mazona Signet. With its 4kW heat output, its best suited to small spaces or use as a supplementary heating source.

Its a traditional cast iron stove featuring primary and secondary air controls, an airwash system to keep the glass clean and a riddling grate. The stove body is covered by a 5 year guarantee.

Price (at time of writing): £234
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Mazona Rocky 6kW Multi-fuel Stove
Mazona Rocky Multi-Fuel Stove
The Rocky is consistently one of our bestselling stoves. Its very similar to the Signet, but an extra £6 gives you an extra 2kW of heat output.

Our customers regularly praise the value for money the Rocky 6kW offers. It burns wood at 81% efficiency, ensuring you get a snug room. Like the Signet, it comes with primary and secondary air controls and a five year warranty.

Price: £240
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Evergreen ST250SE Ashley 5kW Wood Burning Stove
This wood-burning stove by Evergreen features an interesting curved design. It also includes two hotplates on top, which means you can use your stove to heat your dinner as well as your home.

It generates a 5kW heat output – a generous amount for the price of the stove regardless of whether you’re putting towards warming your living room or a nice soup.

Price: £252
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Mazona Orlando 4.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove Small
Mazona Orlando 4.5 kW Multi Fuel Stove Small
The Mazona range of stoves offers excellent value for money, so its now surprise to find a third Mazona stove in this list.

This time it’s the 4.5kW Mazona Orlando, which sits between the Signet and the Rocky in terms of heat output.

It boast classic cast iron stove design features, as well as an externally controlled riddling grate and an airwash system to stop dirt building up on the glass.

Price: £259.99
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GBS Mariner 4kW Multi-fuel Stove
GBS Mariner
We finish this list with the GBS Mariner. As its name suggests, this British made stove was designed with boats and barges in mind, but its just as suitable for smaller rooms on dry land.

Customers tell us that it packs a greater bunch than its 4kW heat output would suggest.

It’s a steel stove boasting a sleek design and a very contemporary look. That steel body is backed by a 3 year warranty.

Price: £282
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Keep in mind, these are the stoves with the lowest prices. If you’re prepared to extend your budget slightly you can get more heat output for your investment. We’ve rounded up stoves that fall into that category in our blog post ‘Five great value wood-burning stoves for less than £300‘.

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