5 beautiful cream wood-burning stoves


You could be forgiven for thinking that cream is the new black in the world of wood-burning stoves.

With the popularity of the humble woodburner continuing to grow and showing no sign of slowing down, many stove manufacturers are experimenting with different colours and finishes for their appliances.

One particularly widespread option is to ditch the traditional matt black look in favour of a cream enamel finish.

There are several reasons why cream woodburners are proving to be a hit with manufacturers and consumers alike:

  • Nothing demonstrates just how cleanly your stove burns like being able to maintain a cream finish.
  • A cream stove is a less imposing figure is small or darker spaces.
  • It’s easier to match a cream multi-fuel stove or woodburner with your decor.

Here are five of the best cream wood-burning stoves currently on sale…

Arizona Kansas 629 Cream Enamel 5 kW multifuel stove
Arizona Kansas
Our most reasonably priced cream wood-burning stove is the Arizona Kansas 629.

It is a traditionally styled cast iron woodburner in every aspect apart from that gloss cream finish. The Kansas is a nice, compact stove with a 5kW heat output.

It comes with an impressive array of features given its affordable price tag. That includes an airwash system to keep the glass clear, a riddling mult-fuel grate and a 5-year warranty. Find out more.

Carron 7 kW Cream Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove
This DEFRA-approved stove is suitable to be used in smoke control areas. Made from cast iron by the long-established Carron brand, you can trust in the quality of this stove. Indeed, that quality is backed by a 3-year warranty.

The appliance’s clean lines give it a traditional but timeless appearance. And the 7kW heat output will warm even generously sized rooms.

Invicta Chambord Ivory 10 kW Wood Burning Stove
The Invicta Chambord is perhaps the most ornate wood-burning stove we sell. There is scarcely a surface on this appliance – from the top panel to the legs – that hasn’t benefited from some careful consideration to design and decoration.

The result is a beautiful, eye-catching stove.

But this woodburner isn’t just about appearances. It generates an impress 10kW heat ouput, which makes it suitable for larger spaces. Find out more.

Carron Dante 5 kW Cream Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove
Another Carron stove, and this time its the very nice rounded edges of the Dante model. That curved appearance makes it an instantly recognisable woodburner.

As with other stoves in the Carron range, its simplicity gives a look that is both authentic and contemporary. And it is approved by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas.

Stovax Brunel 1A White Multi-fuel Stove
The Stovax Brunel is aptly named given its lovely cast iron construction.

It is the smallest cast iron stove made by Stovax and is a perfect fit for cosier rooms. The airwash system will ensure the glass is kept as clean as the cream finish. The Brunel also boasts 84% efficiency.

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