Five of the best wood-burning stoves for boats and canal barges

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We’ll sink the boat-based tomfoolery at that and get down to the serious business of helping your find the ideal woodburner for your boat or canal barge.

Unless you’ve got a particularly extravagant yacht, the chances are that you’re going to want a fairly small woodburner. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, floorspace is at a premium on most boats, so you don’t want to take up any more room than is absolutely necessary.

Secondly, most boats are more confined than the average home and the last thing you want to create is some sort of unbearable floating sauna.

Fortunately, we’ve got some suggestions that will help you to find a stove that takes up minimal space and gives off just the right amount of heat.

GBS Mariner 4 kW Multi-fuel Stove
GBS Mariner Woodburner
As its name suggests, this entry level appliance from Great British Stoves was very much designed with the marine market in mind.

Its clean lines and modern design help it too avoid looking too ‘busy’ in smaller spaces. And at just 330mm wide, it’s hardly going to impose itself on your boat.

The Mariner is also very reasonably priced at just £282. Find out more.

Mazona Signet 4 kW Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove
The Mazona Signet is a lovely little traditional stove. At the time of writing, it is also the most reasonably priced appliance on this list at just £179.99.

Its classic design features take the form of a high quality cast iron body, which is just 375mm wide. And the 4kW heat output is ideal for boats and other snug spaces. Find out more.

Villager Puffin 4 kW Multi Fuel Stove
The dinky Villager Puffin is just 330mm wide. As its suitably cute name suggests, it’s the baby of the respected Villager range.

Its 4kW heat output makes it perfect for houseboats and narrowboats.

The Puffin is competitively priced at £476.50. Find out more.

Aarrow Acorn View 4kW Flexifuel Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove
The Aarrow Acorn is a very popular small log burner. As with many of the stoves on this list, it’s the smallest model within a popular range and, as such, has been designed specifically for small spaces like boats.

Much like the GBS Mariner, it benefits from a very contemporary design. The minimalist design ensures that the Acorn doesn’t bring any fussiness to the room its in.

It’s another of the smaller stoves available at 330mm wide and is available for £483.65. Find out more.

Carron 4.7 kW Cream Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove

Something a little bit different in the shape of the Carron 4.7kW. We’re bringing you the cream version, which works well with neutral colour schemes in smaller space, but you can see other colour options here.

It’s the widest stove on the list at 416mm, but its 4.7kW heat output is bigger than the rest, too. The appliance is approved by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas.

This appliance is available for £599.

13 thoughts on “Five of the best wood-burning stoves for boats and canal barges

  1. I am hoping to buy a boat in France, it has no heating system, it is steel hulled. I would like a wood burner. What do you recommend? Do you have facilities in France?

  2. I have a steel hulled narrowboat, moored in a smoke control zone. Please could you suggest some stoves similar to above but defra exempt? Ideally multifuel and at the lower end of the budget. Many thanks

  3. Oh nice, i do like these. Hubby and i have been looking at wood stoves just earlier today as winter isn’t far away! For me there’s just something about a nice cast iron stove burning away. It always brings back memories of when i was a kid and sitting at my nans, being slightly afraid of the stove but loving the warmth coming off it and watching the fire burn steadily away. Magical!

  4. I am buying a steel hulled wide beam boat in France. I would love a wood burner with oven and hot plate. Similar to a small Rayburn. Do you have such a model?

  5. As a child i was brought up using a “the nipper” stove with hot plate and oven. Tiny about 18″ wide, but very efficient. Made apparently for barges per war? Never seen one since.

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