Daily Telegraph recommends woodburners with hotplates as an ‘easy way to save energy this winter’

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Using your wood-burning stove is an easy way to save energy this winter, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The money-saving credentials of wood-burning stoves are well-documented. You can take control of your heating costs by switching off your central heating and instead using fuel that you can source for free or very cheaply. And you can also use a boiler stove to reduce your water heating expenses. But it’s also possible to save money on your cooking costs with a woodburner.

In her Green Property column, journalist Sarah Lonsdale suggests:

Making use of the wood burner

Increasing numbers of people now have wood burners in their homes. They are extremely useful at this time of the year, when the heating is switched off but living rooms still need to have the chill taken off them.

The tops of wood burners get extremely hot and even if your stove doesn’t come with a built-in hotplate – and increasingly manufacturers are making them with one – you can cook on top. Slow-cooked stews and steamed puddings work very well this way, although you will need to stir stews occasionally to prevent burnt bottoms.

Buying a wood-burning stove with hotplates

If you’d like to be able to use your wood-burning stove for cooking as well as heating, you need look no further than the Evergreen Ashley stove.

This appliance features two hotplates, which are ideal for getting your dinner ready at the same time as heating up your living room. It’s a great way of doubling-up on the energy you are already generating to get an additional use out of it.

As Sarah Lonsdale notes, stews, soup and other one-pot meals are ideally suited to be cooked in this way.

The Ashley has a 5kW heat output and boasts 78% efficiency.

Get more details on the Evergreen Ashley.

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