The Quest to Find the Perfect Small Stove for a Devonshire Bungalow

The Mazona Orlando 4.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove Small in Hilary and Anthony's Living Room

When Hilary and Anthony Melton decided to install their very first stove in their Devon home they both admit to initially being a little in the dark and didn’t know where to start. Not only did they not know whether they wanted a wood burning or a multi fuel burning stove, but they weren’t sure of the type of design to go for either.

Not only that but because the Meltons live in a small bungalow, they had been told that they would only need a stove that had a maximum heat output of 4.5KW – something else that they hadn’t known. And who can blame them; how many of us would know exactly what we’re looking for when choosing a stove for the very first time!

The Meltons embarked on their quest to find the perfect stove for their home the traditional way: by hitting the high street. Hilary Melton says they spent many hours searching long and hard and high and low in local shops, stores and wholesalers that sell woodburners and multi fuel stoves. Unfortunately their search was ultimately fruitless as some shops didn’t sell stoves small enough to fit nicely in their chimney breast and others had stoves with a maximum heat output of just 4.5KW, and as the Meltons wanted to make sure their bungalow is efficiently heated and is warm and snug throughout our cold winters (and very often cold summers!) they wanted a stove that had a slightly higher heat output than this.

Searching the Internet for a Stove Can be Daunting for a First Timer!

Discouraged with their efforts, Anthony and Hilary gave up and retreated back to their bungalow where they decided they needed a Plan B. Despite neither of them being particularly internet savvy they decided that it was time to bring their search for a stove up to date and start browsing the web. Indeed, as Hilary says “…for someone who is new to this it all seemed a bit daunting!”

They needn’t have worried for they appeared to have rapidly got the hang of surfing the net and were soon trawling their way through site after site of companies who sell fireplaces and stoves. Unfortunately though, once again, their search hit a brick wall as they quite quickly found themselves staring in bewilderment at poorly organized, user unfriendly websites that seemed to be selling their stoves and fires at what appeared to the Meltons, after their extensive research, vastly inflated prices.

The price wasn’t the only problem they kept coming up against; the other issue was that none of these companies were very clear about stating which extra parts you would need in order to install your fire – such as flue liner kits. As Hilary says, most of these they had not budgeted for simply because they didn’t know about them.  So as the costs crept up and the Meltons were still no nearer to their dream of having a toasty, traditional stove adorning their chimney breast they may well have been feeling a little on the despondent side. But all was not lost…

I Came Upon the Site for GR8 Fires and it Grabbed us From the Start

Yes, good old Gr8 Fires saves the day yet again! Despite their initial reservations with using the internet and buying a stove online, both Hilary and Anthony were delighted to finally stumble across Gr8 Fire’s website, describing it as “a well-made website” which is “easy to use and easy to find the right stove at the right price”. The couple also liked the fact that “you can see all the fittings you may need and work out how much everything will cost there and then” – something our competitors are not so good at, it seems. Having finally found the stove of their dreams at a price they could afford, the Small Orlando 4.5kW Multi Fuel Stove by Mazona, the Meltons lost no time in purchasing it, along with a 6 Inch flexible flue liner kit.

With the cast iron Orlando stove duly ordered, Hilary started to worry about how they would get it from the delivery van on the road up to their house, but as she soon found out when it was delivered, she needn’t have worried as the Gr8 Fires driver simply put it on a trolley, and not only wheeled it up to the front door but carried it inside and placed it in their front room ready for the fitter.  As Hilary says “I thought service like that had died out in the sixties – how wrong you can be!”

We Wish We had Bought One Years Ago

Anthony and Hilary wasted no time in getting their new stove fitted – with even the fitter remarking that it was a great stove with fantastic features considering the low price – and they say that even with a small fire the heat output is fantastic. In fact their only regret is that they didn’t buy a Gr8 Fires stove years ago!

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