The benefits of buying a wood-burning stove with Cleanburn technology

The benefits of buying a wood-burning stove with Cleanburn technology

Cleanburn technology is one of the most exciting developments in wood-burning stoves in recent years. Many modern stoves now come equipped with this technology and, as a result, stove owners can benefit from the many advantages that it brings. These largely relate to heating the room more effectively and more efficiently.

Firstly, a quick guide to Cleanburn technology. In a stove fitted with this technology, pre-heated air is supplied to the stove. Since the air is already up to temperature and supplied directly into the firebox, it mixes with the gases that are being released from the fuel and burns unburnt hydrocarbons that would otherwise have disappeared straight up the flue.

This has a few benefits for the stove owners:

Cleaner burn
The clue is in the title, but the primary benefit of Cleanburn technology is that it gives a cleaner burn than traditional stoves. The fewer hydrocarbons that are emitted from your chimney, the better it is for the environment.

Cleanburn stoves ensure that the amount of flammable gas escaping without being burnt is kept to an absolute minimum. All wood-burning stoves are carbon neutral, but Cleanburn stoves are even greener.

Greater efficiency
The cleaner burn described above brings with it greater efficiency. This means financial benefits as well as environmental ones. Since more hydrocarbons are being burnt, the fuel is providing better thermal efficiency.

In other words, any fuel you put on a Cleanburn stove works a bit harder than it would have ordinarily. As a result, you need less fuel to heat your room to the desired temperature and spend less on fuel.

Safety benefits
With fewer flammable gases going up the flue, there is less chance of any of them setting alight partway up your chimney. As a result, Cleanburn stoves reduce the risk of chimney fires.

Fantastic flames
Cleanburn wood-burning stoves also have aesthetic benefits. Since the additional air supply encourages burning to take place throughout the firebox, you get flames throughout the firebox.

This can lead to incredible flame patterns within the stove that would be welcome in any living room.

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4 thoughts on “The benefits of buying a wood-burning stove with Cleanburn technology

    • Hi Tom

      There are too many to list here. Just look for mentions of cleanburn, ecoburn and tertiary burn in the product descriptions.

      You can look at efficiency ratings within the product specifications as another rule of thumb for a clean burn, though this is not an exact science.

      Another option is to look at DEFRA exempt appliances – – which have been certified as clean enough for use in smoke control areas (and therefore must be clean burning).



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