Why a wood-burning stove is perfect for the snow

Why a wood-burning stove is perfect for the snow

Whenever the UK experiences any significant amount of snowfall it usually leads to beautiful scenery… and chaos.

For some reason we just can’t seem to cope when that blanket of white covers our country. With the temperatures below freezing, the last thing you want to be affected is your heating. That’s when a wood-burning stove becomes particularly useful. Here’s how…

You can overcome cracked pipes
If you’re reliant on radiators, you can suddenly find your main source of heat knocked out by a cracked pipe. You have no such worries when you’ve got a wood-burning stove to provide the warmth you need.

There are no cancelled deliveries
Many rural households get oil delivered by a tanker to provide their main form of heating. Unfortunately, when the snow falls and those households need oil most, deliveries are often cancelled due to the treacherous road conditions. Providing you keep a good supply of wood, or can collect wood within walking distance of your home, you’ll never have to rely on somebody else delivering your heating.

It’s not the end of the world if the boiler’s on the blink
Like so many of the things on this list, boilers tend to let you down when you need them most. If yours packs in at the worst possible time at least you’ll be able to generate some replacement heat with a wood-burning stove. And if you opt for a boiler stove, you’ll be able to heat your water and radiators, too.

It’s a reliable backup
As demonstrated by everything we’ve mentioned so far, even if you usually favour an alternative form of heating, it’s great to have a stove in reserve. There are fewer things to go wrong, which means it’s easier to maintain regardless of cracked pipes, closed road, broken boilers, fallen power lines or anything else that could possibly go wrong.

Unbeatable cosiness
On top of all those very practical reasons, there’s nothing quite like coming in from the snow (or hiding from it altogether) to sit in front of a roaring wood-burning stove. May we recommend a nice cup of hot chocolate?

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