A wood-burning stove will help landlords to attract tenants, says property expert

A wood-burning stove will help landlords to attract tenants, says property expert

Installing a wood-burning stove can give landlords the edge in the competitive UK property rentals market, according to one property firm.

Shirley Kenyon, lettings manager for Edinburgh based property consultancy CKD Galbraith, says that rental properties fitted with wood burners are highly sought after as tenants aim to ensure they can stay in control of their heating bills during their tenancy.

She said: “Wood burning stoves are in demand by tenants. We have witnessed an increase in tenants asking for properties in rural areas with wood burners as they believe these offer energy efficient heating systems beyond standard central heating.

“Tenants always look for value for money and are very savvy when it comes to the costs involved in running a home and the potential savings they can make. They see the effective use of wood burning stoves and open fires as a popular way of cutting heating costs and creating a warm and cosy home.

“We market a number of properties with wood burning stoves located on rural estates, which offer the added advantage of an inexpensive supply of wood on sale directly from the estate.

“Landlords with property in rural areas should consider installing log burners or reinstating open fires which would make them a more attractive cost effective option for tenants.”

We’ve previously reported that the minor investment in a wood-burning stove can help to sell a property, so its very interesting to see the wood burner effect reaching the rentals market.

Tenants are certainly not mugs. With homeowners taking advantage of stoves to drive their energy bills down, why wouldn’t those renting homes want to get in on the act, too?

As for landlords, the investment in a wood-burning stove will be paid off after two or three months’ rental income. Securing a tenant more quickly and creating a more desirable home should you ever want to sell the property makes it a bit of a no-brainer.

Have a look at our range of wood-burning stoves. With prices starting from less than £250, you’re onto a winner.

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