6 outstanding small wood-burning stoves


Size isn’t everything.

If you’re looking for a wood-burning stove for a small room, a cabin or a caravan, or you want a stove that will supplement rather than replace another heating supply, then you probably won’t need a stove that’s particularly big.

In smaller spaces, a powerful wood-burning stove will not only look out of place, it will also give off an overpowering amount heat. That’s where a more compact stove can be effective.

With that in mind, here are 6 of the best diminutive wood-burning stoves.

1. Mazona Signet 4kW

Mazona Signet small woodburner

The Mazona Signet is a best-seller when it comes to small woodburners. That has a lot to do with its classic wood-burning stove looks, its solid cast iron body (covered by a five-year warranty) and its price tag.

At the time of writing, the little Signet is available for just £179.99, which is obviously great value for a woodburner. Click here for a closer look.

2. GBS Mariner 4kW


British-made GBS stoves are proving to be very popular. Their stylish, minimalist appearance and sleek lines have won them lots of fans. The 4kW Mariner model is the smallest stove in the range.

Customer reviews on our website testify that the stove gives out more heat than you might expect. Click here for a closer look.

3. Villager Puffin 4kW

Villager Puffin 4kW

One of the cutest product names among our entire range of wood-burning stoves and one of the cutest stoves, too. At 4kw, it’s the joint smallest heat output that we offer. And, at just a little wider than a 30cm ruler, it’s positively dinky in stove terms.

But if you looking for a small stove for a small space, you won’t go very far wrong with the Puffin. Click here for a closer look.

4. Aarrow Acorn 4.5kW

Aarrow Acorn 4.5kW

It’s no surprise that the Aarrow Acorn is frequently among our bestselling stoves. With an extra 0.5kW oomph over the first two stoves on this list, the Acorn packs a considerable punch for its size.

Couple that with an attractive, modern design and it’s easy to see why so many customers think that this from tiny Acorn mighty heating bills will shrink. Click here for a closer look.

5. Mazona Orlando 5.6kW

Mazona Orlando 4.5kW

The Orlando is considerably bigger in size than other stoves on this list and also has a slightly larger heat output. That means it’s perfect if you don’t need an overwhelming amount of heat but you still want a substantial stove to be a focal point in your room.

The additional metalwork that goes into the Mazona Orlando is put to use to create a more detailed and ornate design, and a more traditional appearance, than some of the stoves we’ve featured. Click here for a closer look.

6. Carron 4.7kw

Carron 4.7kw

This model from the popular Carron range has a heat output of 4.7kW.

Not only is it suitable for use in small spaces like all the stoves on this list, it can also be used in smoke control areas thanks to its DEFRA approval. So you know it has got great clean-burning credentials.

Want more inspiration? Check out our full range of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves at Gr8fires.co.uk.

17 thoughts on “6 outstanding small wood-burning stoves

  1. Please send us details + prices of three stoves ie; Aarow Acorn 4.5kW, GBS Mariner 4kW, Villager PuffinkW.

    A & K Broad

  2. Good Morning,
    I am looking for a tiny wood burner for a caravan, might the Puffin be suitable?
    What is the current price and what sort of flue would I need?
    Kind regards,
    Sian Wombwell

  3. Hi, I’d like to know what the stove is in the cover picture for this article, the same stove showing on Aarrow Acorn View 4. This looks like a mix up as the Aarrow stove is totally different on further investigation. Can you please tell me what model and availability of the picture? I can’t seem to find it anywhere else on your website. Thank you

    • Hi Liz

      It’s an old model: the Aarrow Acorn 4 (i.e. without the ‘View’), but has been superseded by the Aarrow Acorn View 4 since this article was written.

      So, unfortunately it’s no longer available.

      Hope that at least saves you some time hunting for it,


  4. we are building a “Honkamajat” chalet log cabin approx. 40ft by 20ft total, 2 bedrooms, kitchen , bathroom etc, the manufacturers advised a small wood/multi fuel stove as the cabins are super insulated with 150mm insulation in the walls and 200mm in the roof and floor. What model stoves do you recommend?

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