The efficiency savings of swapping an open fire for a wood-burning or inset stove

The efficiency savings of swapping an open fire for a wood-burning or inset stove

Some people recognise the joys of having a real fire in their home but, because they’ve already got an open fire, they see installing a wood-burning or inset stove as an unnecessary expense.

But it’s an investment worth making because it offers significant and immediate efficiency saving. That means you’ll get a warmer home, spend less on fuel and spend less time tending to your fire.

A more efficient burn
An open fire gets its name from the fact that it doesn’t have a door, but it’s also open in the chimney department too. In fact, when you see those lovely flames burning on an open fire, around 80 per cent of the heat that’s being created is disappearing straight up the chimney.

Contrast that with an inset stove, which can lose as little as 20 per cent of the heat. That makes a considerable efficiency saving and a much warmer home.

A greener burn
Modern stoves are fitted with technological advancements that make for a more environmentally friendly burn. For instance, the baffle and the secondary air supply ensure that more of the gases released by your fuel are burnt before they disappear up the flue.

This not only stops air pollution, it also maximises the value you get from your stove.

More control
It’s easier to control a stove than an open fire. By varying the air supply to a stove, you can choose how fast you want your fuel to burn.

There is no way to control the burn on an open fire. Your fuel burns at its own pace and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Less draught
Open fires and the accompanying open chimneys tend to a allow cold draughts into the room. Not only that, they draw warm air out of the room. The air you’ve spent money heating is sucked outside where the air is cooler.

Both of these problems can be avoided by fitting a stove.

A warmer home
Once you’ve taken advantage of all those benefits, your house could be up to eight times warmer with a stove than an open fire.

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