Put a heart in your home with a wood-burning stove

Put a heart in your home with a wood-burning stove

Installing a stove or fireplace usually means you soon have a hearth in your home, but it also puts a heart in your home.

The joke goes that the television was invented so that households had something at which to point their sofas. While the gogglebox certainly has the habit of bringing the family together, it also tends to cause disputes and disagreements. And is time spent in front of the telly really quality time? Often it’s not, we’d suggest.

A wood-burning stove has the same magnetic effect as the television but without the distractions.

We know from personal experience – and from what our customers tell us – that a stove attracts people of all ages, from small children right through to adults.

It’s hardly surprising. On a cold winter’s evening, there is nothing better than the prospect of warming yourself in front of a roaring fire. Nobody can resist the draw of the stove.

And so once people are clamouring around the stove, the possibilities are endless. Family games, a nice chat, a cuddle, a book, playing with pets – whatever it is that suits your household on any given evening, the stove is a great place to gather.

It’s partially due to the unavoidable comfort and warmth that comes from being by the fire. After all, it’s only natural that everyone wants to assemble in a cosy part of the home.

And since you can all relax knowing that the central heating is off in the rest of the house, even grumpy dads can unwind safe in the knowledge that the bills will make pleasant reading next month.

But at Gr8Fires, we think it runs a bit deeper than that. Families have gathered around the fire as long as there have been families; since the fire was pretty much the only option for evening entertainment.

That instinct has still got to be tucked away in our DNA somewhere. A fire has always meant safety in numbers, time with family, entertainment and warmth.

And who wouldn’t want all those things in their home?

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