Get the fireplace accessories that complement your wood-burning stove

Get the fireplace accessories that complement your wood-burning stove

A wood-burning stove is the perfect feature for any fireplace. But just like when you make a big purchase for your wardrobe, it’s accessorising that really completes the look.

You need accessories that make looking after your stove easier, and add to the character of your fireplace. Here a few ideas of some fireplace accessories that fit both both those criteria.

Companion set
Companion set

The perfect companion for your stove. All the tools you need to prepare, load and clean your stove placed together in a handy set.

The companion set has long been an essential piece of fireplace decor. That shows no sign of changing given the current revival of wood-burning stoves.

Gr8Fires stocks a variety of options, including this plain handle 4-piece companion set. We do offer smaller sets but we think the greater the distance between your hands and the flame, the better.

See more companion sets.

Log holder
Log holder

If you haven’t got an ample place to stack a good supply of logs inside then constantly fetching them from outdoors can become tiresome. That’s where a log holder comes in useful.

They’re unobtrusive in design and are a very handy way of keeping your logs tidy and near to your stove. Perhaps the most interesting design stocked by Gr8Fires is Garland Scrolled Log Holder. It probably holds fewer logs than the large hoop log store, but you can still keep enough logs to keep your stove going for a while. And it looks rather nice on your hearth.

Fire screen
Fire screen

The fire screen has several uses. It can provide an extra layer of protection between a very hot stove and wandering hands/paws. It can also be used to protect your room from any stray sparks. Granted, that’s not as much of an issue with a stove as it is with an open fire. And it can also provide some additional fireplace decor.

A folding fire screen can effectively cover all three outward-facing side of your stove or create a protective cage around your fireplace.

Take a look at our full range of wood-burning stove accessories.

2 thoughts on “Get the fireplace accessories that complement your wood-burning stove

  1. Do you sell anything to go on top of my wood burner as my kitten has jumped up twice while its been on and has burnt her paws.

  2. Hi Sally,

    I don’t think such a thing exists, unfortunately.

    In order to be an effective insulator against the heat it would also prevent a large proportion of the heat being given off by the wood burner, so I don’t think anyone has invented the accessory you had in mind.

    The only thing I can suggest is a suitably large fireguard that might stop your kitten being able to get to the stove.



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