What does the heat output of a wood-burning stove mean?

What does the heat output of a wood-burning stove mean

The obvious answer is that the heat output of a wood-burning stove is a measure of the amount of heat the wood burner is pumping out. But you’re probably more interested in what that means for you before you buy a wood-burning stove.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the higher the number, the more heat your stove is producing. Heat output is provided by stove manufacturers in kilowatts (kW). So a 6kW stove will give out more heat than a 4kw stove.

Our heat output calculator is a useful starting point in finding the most appropriate stove for you. It can’t take into consideration all the factors that might come into play in your home, but it can put you on the right track based on the room size.

Hopefully the outcome of heat output calculator will demonstrate that it’s not just a case of buying a stove with the biggest heat output you can find within your budget to guarantee a cosy home. It’s vital that you consider the sort of heat output that is most suited to your circumstances before making a purchase.

Buying a stove with a heat output that is too high for your room brings its own problems. If the stove is too powerful for the room, you’ll be tempted to run it below capacity – to avoid sweltering conditions – which is bad for your pocket and the environment.

Find out more on why it’s so important to get a stove with the best heat output for you on our website.

4 thoughts on “What does the heat output of a wood-burning stove mean?

  1. i have standered detatched bunglow 3 bed room with foam pumped walls . grativy heating what size of multi boiler free standing would you recommend . the kitchen where stove will sit needs 3.8 kw according to the chart

    • Very difficult to say, Gerry. Depends on the number of radiators, the size of those radiators etc. Best to let an engineer who had viewed the property advise on that.

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