How to give your wood-burning stove a monthly check-up

How to give your wood-burning stove a monthly check-up

Owning a wood-burning stove is not that different to owning a car. Well, we wouldn’t fancy your chances of making too much progress on the motorway in your wood burner, but you’ll see our point shortly.

Just like your car, your stove needs regular check-ups to make sure everything is performing as it should be and, more importantly, that it’s safe. 

Handled correctly, your car is a very useful and safe form of transport. Let the tread wear away on your tyres or fail to keep your engine coolant topped up and it becomes dangerous.

Likewise, handled correctly your stove is a great way to keep your home cosy. Just treat it with the respect that it deserves.

How do you check that your stove is safe?

  • Get your chimney swept: This is a once or twice-a-year job depending on how regularly you use your stove, but it’s still worth mentioning as part of your check-up. It’s not something to do yourself: get a professional in. This will help you avoid chimney fires.
  • Check for gaps between the panels: If you’re stove is made of cast iron, it was produced by sealing the various panels together. Make sure that no gaps have appeared. If you spot any gaps, you’ll to need to seal it with fire cement.
  • Check for rust: If you spot rust on your stove, it’s better to act immediately before the problem gets worse. Use wire wool to rub down the rust and then repaint with stove paint.
  • Check for cracks in the glass: Back to the car analogy and, just like if you spot a crack in your windscreen it’s better to act sooner rather than later, you need to react quickly to cracks in your glass. Have a look through our stove spares section to find replacement stove glass.
  • Check the firerope around the glass and door: The firerope around your stove’s door and glass helps to create a seal that stops air and smoke sneaking in and out where it shouldn’t. Do a visual check to make sure it isn’t missing, squashed or frayed. Then trap a thin piece of paper in the door. If it pulls out easily, you need to replace the firerope.
  • Check your ashpan: Your ashpan takes a lot of punishment, so check regularly for holes. That’s especially important if your stove stands above something that you wouldn’t want to get burnt. Replacement ashpans are available for stoves of all sizes.

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