Why owning a woodburner is a bit like winning a major international football tournament

Did you know that a major international football tournament is getting under way in Russia? You might have heard about it on the TV.

After already completing tough qualification rounds, 32 of the world’s best teams will go up against each other to compete for the trophy.

The process they are undertaking has many similarities with owning a woodburner. Allow us to explain… Continue reading

5 great reasons to buy the Mazona Lydia 5 kW multi-fuel stove

One of the newest additions to our product range is the Mazona Lydia 5 kW multi-fuel stove. This stylish, contemporary woodburner is a great option for anyone on the lookout for a high quality woodburner, with a great modern design, that’s available at an affordable price, and is suited to a normal-sized living room.

That, in a nutshell, gives you a few of the reasons why the Lydia is already proving to be a very popular purchase among Gr8Fires customers. But let’s now look at those factors in a bit more detail. Continue reading

Our recommended DEFRA exempt woodburners

If you live in a smoke control area you will need a DEFRA exempt woodburner in order to take advantage of all the benefits that being a wood-burning stove owner can bring.

Many parts of the United Kingdom are with in smoke control areas where you are not allowed to emit smoke from your chimney. The exception is if you are burning an exempt fuel or using an exempt appliance. Continue reading

Log burner shop recommendations

Our log burner shop recommendations

Are you currently looking for a log burner shop at which to buy your new log burner? If so, our first recommendation would be to hold your horses.

Looking for a log burner shop in which to have a look at appliances is one thing, but going with the intention of buying is not advisable. Log burners are expensive purchases, and there is big price range between the cheapest log burners and the most expensive appliances. Going out to buy a stove without first doing your research is asking for trouble. Continue reading

What are fire bricks?

You might have seen the term fire bricks mentioned in relation to wood-burning stoves. If you are unsure what is being referred to, you should know by the time you have finished reading this article.

What are fire bricks?

Fire bricks, which are sometimes referred to as stove liners, are internal parts of your woodburner. For the vast majority of appliances, there are three fire bricks. One fire brick sits are the back of the firebox, with one to the left and one to the right. They are usually made from metal or vermiculite. Continue reading

Can’t afford a woodburner? Yes, you can!

Are you worried you can’t afford a woodburner? If you’d love to have a stove in your home but are put off by the potential cost, this blog post might offer some solutions to that problem.

The initial investment in buying a stove is the biggest hurdle most people have to overcome before they can make their home cosier and cut their reliance on central heating.

While some of the figures you’ve seen flying around might be pretty scary, there are still some options available to you that might help you to get a woodburner. Continue reading