Woodburners to match 2017 interior design trends

Are you redecorating your home this year? If you renovations include installing a wood-burning stove, here are some examples of appliances that work well with some of the most popular 2017 interior design trends.


Invicta Modena 12 kW Yellow Enamel Wood Burning Stove

The jungalow trend is all about bringing a tropical look into your domestic settings. There’s a little bit of Palm Springs, a little bit of Ibiza and lots of plants and animals involved. Something like the Invicta Modena 12 kW in yellow animal ought to match a tropical palette and sit nicely alongside your ferns, crocodiles and other exotic finishing touches. Have a closer look.


Carron 4.7 kW Green Enamel DEFRA Multi-Fuel Stove
Carron Green Wood Burning Stove
Green is tipped as the must-have colour for 2017. The colour specialists at Pantone, plus a host of interior design experts, are preaching that leafy tones are the ones to go for. If you’re following that trend, the dark green enamel finish on this Carron appliance should be very much in-keeping with your room. It’s an DEFRA exempt appliance, which means it can be used in smoke control areas. Have a closer look.

Art deco opulence

Invicta Ove 10 kW Wood Burning Stove

Opulence is in for 2017, but in the form of classic art deco looks rather than brash nouveau riche decor. That means soft shapes and gentle curves aplenty, which makes the Invicta Ove the perfect woodburner to complement the look. A grand design feature in its own right, it also benefits from that curvaceous body and rounded glass window. Have a closer look.

Carron Dante 5 kW Black Enamel DEFRA Multi Fuel Stove
Carron Dante Wood Burner
If the Invicta Ove is a bit too big, in stature or heat output, for your requirements, the Carron Dante would make an excellent alternative. It too boasts an art deco inspired curved design. A flat front gives way to the gentle curves of the stove body and its base to create a sort of half-cylinder look. Very on trend. Have a closer look.


Invicta Ch’ti Poele 8 kW Wood Burning Stove

In contrast to the curves of the art deco look, another interior design trend for 2017 is the geometric look. If points, angles and triangular shapes are what you’re looking for, look no further than the gloriously asymmetrical Invicta Ch’ti Poele 8 kW Wood Burning Stove. It works equally well if you’re continuing last year’s industrial chic. Have a closer look.

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