5 of the best contemporary wood-burning stoves

contemporary stove

For many people, its the heritage and tradition of using a wood-burning stove to heat your home that is the biggest attraction. But it is nice to put a new twist on this timeless form of heating, especially if the decor and design of your property is modern.

Several wood-burning stove manufacturers now focus on making contemporary stoves that are at ease in the surroundings of a modern home. These appliances often veer away from what a wood-burning stove has traditionally looked like by experimenting with the materials, designs and technology used.

We’ve picked out five of the best of these contemporary wood-burning stoves to give you an overview of some of the options.

1. Invicta Ove 10kW Wood Burning Stove
Invicta Ove 10kW Wood Burning Stove.jpg
Not only is the Invicta Ove one of the best contemporary wood-burning stoves, it is also one of the most visually impressive wood burners.

It’s a spectacular egg-shaped free-standing stove. That beautiful, modern design is a major selling point, but the sophisticated combustion technology used inside is just as impressive.

The Ove can burn for up to 10 hours on a single load of fuel.

2. Firebelly FB2 Black 12kw Woodburner
Firebelly FB2 Double Fronted Pewter 12kw Woodburner
Firebelly stoves are usually quite traditional in their general appearance, but very modern in the detailing. For instance, there is nothing surprising about a wood burner being a black box. But the minimalist design cues and modernist lines are very much contemporary.

The large glass window is another tweak that gives the FB2 a distinctive, modern look.

3. Invicta Chamane 14kW Wood Burning Stove
Invicta Chamane 14kW Wood Burning Stove
Another contemporary stove that benefits from the great attention-to-detail that has been paid during its design. Once again, French manufacturer Invicta – one of the standard-bearers for modern stove – is the company behind the design.

It’s another free-standing stove, which means it doesn’t need a traditional fireplace. Wherever you choose to position it, the Chamane will instantly become an attention-grabbing design feature for your room.

4. Aarrow i Series 7 kW Multifuel Wood Burning Stove
Aarrow i Series 7 kW Multifuel Wood Burning Stove
The Arada Aarrow Stoves range is full of sleek, modern stoves. We’ve picked out the i Series 7kW stove to illustrate the point.

It’s a cassette stove, which slots straight into your wall – a very contemporary design in itself. As well as the modern look, the technology being used in this stove is also cutting edge.

The stove is very efficient and is perfect if you’re conscious of your energy usage.

5. Invicta Gaya 12kW Wood Burning Stove
Invicta Gaya 12kW Wood Burning Stove
We’ll finish the list with a final stove from Invicta. It is another appliance that doubles up as a spectacular piece of decoration for your home.

The Gaya’s unusual, wide profile owes as much to the world of art as to wood-burning stoves. That distinctive frame is actually two doors that open to reveal the stove’s control and workings.

Its large chamber and viewing window makes for a dramatic and impressive flame display.

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